Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents are quite common. The warm climate and multitude of favorable roadways make Texas a motorcycle owner’s dream come true. On the contrary, the unyielding traffic makes large cities national leaders in motorcycle accidents, rollover accidents, and car wrecks.motorcycle accident attorneys

While it’s no surprise that motorcycle accidents can result in more severe injuries than conventional car accidents, what is not exactly common knowledge is that motorcycle accidents victims must often face immense aggression from insurance adjusters when dealing with their motorcycle accident claim. The motorcycle accident lawyers of our law firm understand the sensitivity of these cases and are prepared to stand by your side throughout the process.

Motorcycle accidents are not treated the same as car accidents

As unfair as it may be, insurance adjusters often see motorcycle riders as a tremendous liability and they tend to possess great bias toward them. They generally approach each motorcycle accident claim with the belief that motorcyclist was likely speeding and, at the very least, contributory negligent in their accident.

Unfortunately, juries also share similar views that embolden insurance adjusters. The end result is that motorcycle accident victims can expect aggressive opposition from an insurance adjuster which results in a higher percentage of denied claims and low payouts for injuries. More info here @
The short answer to that question is that they are attempting to save money. An accident that would be considered somewhat routine in a passenger car can easily result in severe injuries for a motorcyclist. As a result, the average motorcycle injury claim costs an insurance company substantially more money than a car accident that results in injury. In an attempt to maximize profit, insurance companies try to pay out as little as possible in injury cases. Since the law is very vague in its explanations regarding the claims process, an adjuster can be extremely aggressive in order to force an accident victim to accept as little money as possible. They routinely use tricks such as a recorded statement or offering a payoff before you know the full extent of your medical expenses.

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