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Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys & Lawyers

There are more than 1.6 million nursing home residents in the United States and over 17,000 care facilities. As the baby-boomers age over the next few decades, those numbers are expected to triple. Nursing home abuse is becoming far too common. And it is unacceptable.

Nursing home residents deserve to live with respect, dignity, and with as much comfort as possible. Nursing homes often fail to provide appropriate care, fail to notice and treat problems with the residents, or fail to address nutritional needs. When residents suffer serious injuries or death from such conduct, it is only appropriate to hold the care facility accountable. We’re here to help.

The signs of injury to a loved one may not be obvious nor result from physical violence. Abuse and neglect in nursing homes has involved sexual abuse, abandonment, extortion, emotional abuse and poor nutrition. Families must carefully question nursing home staff if they find unusual bedsores or bruising, the appearance of sexually transmitted disease, changes in attitude or appetite, withdrawal, sudden weight loss, unexplained fear or paranoia.

Our Minnesota nursing home abuse lawyers dedicated to holding nursing homes and other assisted living facilities accountable to the their residents – and to the state and federal government. Our lawyers aggressively pursue all civil remedies available to a nursing home abuse victim (and their family), along with reporting the mistreatment to local law enforcement for criminal prosecution.